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Defcon auto download script (2012)


I found this script floating about on the web I wonder if it could be adapted/used to suite this years defcon. Defcon is the worlds largest hacking conference now in its 21st year. The conference starts this year August 1st and runs till the 4th tickets for a 4 day pass are $180 and the conference will be held at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas! What happens in Vegas, usually ends up on youtube a few months later

## $ ddl-rss-media https://www.defcon.org/podcast/defcon-20-slides.rss
# ddl-rss-media RSS_LINK {would download all media enclosed at current dir}
enclosures=`curl -k -s -L $@ | cat | grep enclosure | sed ‘s/.*enclosures*url=”//’ | sed ‘s/”.*//’`
for url in `echo $enclosures | xargs -L1`;
if [ ! -z $url ];
filename=`echo $url | sed ‘s/?.*//’ | sed ‘s/.*///’`
echo “Downloading $filename…”
wget -c -O $filename $url