Hakology Day 1 : Blog Entry

[17.30] Rather than spam twitter I thought I’d write a blog instead, will be doing daily posts on here from now on, excuse any typos as I’m using a corsair strafe RGB brown mx gaming keyboard and these mx browns have a mind of there own when it comes to double keystrokes great for gaming slowly driving me insane otherwise.

That aside I had a nice sleep and woke up late, my mission for today is to get everything organised and ready for doing some podcasts and potential live hangouts.

There’s lots of projects I’ve been considering will post some videos soon.

So I’ve just sent the first test footage to render, that’s going to take a while. So much stuff I need to remember again … already I can see I need to work on the camera positions and lights. But need to test render settings and outputfile-youtube-compatiblity, as I’ve just upgraded to Vegas 13.
Signing off for an hour of gaming.
Will report back later when I start researching / taking notes.

Had a quick blast on insurgency with an old work friend, then spent the last hour playing doom4, purchased this last week, still undecided if I like the game style but the enemies are awesome and they’ve done an epic job creating diverse exciting first person shooting experience. However I can see how this game wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but ill save that for a later post.

Need to prep some food and get back to work.

PS. First test render failed, incorrect format. lol … so the struggle begins.

Got milk! Fed and watered.
Today has taken an interesting turn after posting an image on reddit today ..

Current setup

Current setup

I mentioned the key repeat issues I’ve been having and was immediately contacted by someone who works for corsair I’m going to dig the ticket out later and see if I can finally get this issue sorted.

Right so after reviewing the original test render I’ve repositioned the lights and cameras almost ready for test render / recording number two. I’ve got some recent security related youtubes on in the background and sitting idle on IRC. Time to start the real work and decide on video number ones content.

apt-get update && apt-get upgrade
Searching for a VGA lead ….

[0.45] [04-10-2016]
Just hopped back on mumble with advancednewbie, catching up on old times and discussing projects, have recorded test number two, just need to edit and upload.

Video editing done sent to render, fingers crossed, kettle on … brew time.

Video uploading … waiting to embed. Research started for next video.



Last update for today I’m knackered, need sleep. Will throw another post up tomorrow have most of the research done and a few notes taken. Peace. ZZZ.