Hakology Day 78: Blog Entry

Hey you guys!! So a quick catch up, new tools installed in the garage ready for the new year, awaiting some blasting medium for my cabinet and I can finally get started. The reddit arduino / pi project is finished including checksums and far less glitchy code. I made some really stupid mistakes the first time round but it’s all a learning process. I’d kinda hoped I could just grab the checksum code, copy, paste and be done but I must have spent maybe 20-30 hours debugging, refining and analysing.

Next on the agenda is the clock I’ve been working on having issues loosing time have done a fair amount of reading on the module im using and think i’ve tracked down what the issue is, we shall see though, when I get some time to sit down and start coding.

Love my workshop at the moment too still needs some more work but it’s nice walking in to a tidy place to work with plenty of space. That said there’s still a hand glider hanging up in there which I’m thinking I probably need to get rid of b/c of space … yet its never been out of the bag since I bought it.

Anyway I’m waffling, have a great Christmas and new year etc. I shall see you on the other side. Hack all the things, drink all the tea, eat all the mince pies, read all the manuals, scan all the frequencies, log all the voltages and be safe!!