Monthly Archives: May 2018

Overdue ramblings …

It’s been way too long you lot, I’m still busy, like a background service you rarely notice that spikes to 100% CPU usage when you look away for a moment, lol. Well I’ve some new code and projects to share when I get five minutes. Those of you that follow me on twitter might get the odd hint of stuff I’m working on or doing. I’ve been really busy with my other business, even though ebay is a good tool for selling things, it’s crippled me this month with astronomical fees, so i’ve dedicated most of my time to setting up an on-line store where hopefully over the next few months you might be able to purchase some exclusive hakology bits and bobs. I’ll try my best to be a little more active, been spending way too long playing silly computer games and wasting time, when there are much better ways my time could be invested.

I did make one commit to github the other day, The Annoyilator, (probably deserves a separate post) but its the source code for making a small annoying arduino device. Still a WIP and a totally not serious project but a little fun never the less.

Laser engraver update. Still using the same control board, the machine works well as an engraver especially for wood and leather. This also probably deserves another blog post maybe even a video. I’m still using laserweb4 and the grbl rom on the arduino i’ve not edited the settings since the last post.