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apt-get update && apt-get upgrade

So I suppose it’s about time I wrote a little update. Since going full time self employed I’ve had very little free time on my hands, which is annoying because I though I’d have more. I’ve been working hard on a personal project that has consumed massive amounts of time not to mention getting my allotment started for the year. That said I’m still lurking and if you need to contact me you can always drop me an email or message me on IRC. As soon as I have a few free evenings I have lots of videos I’d like to get sorted and uploaded. If you have any projects or anything you’d like me to check out get in touch and keep on hacking, don’t let the boundaries drawn by others hold you back.

Happy new year hakologists!

Happy new year to all the hackers. Lets go big this year. Hack all the things, all the time. I mean this in the most encompassing way possible. If you don’t like something change it, mod it, hack it. 2014 was an incredible year lets make 2015 twice as epic. Keep learning, keep reading those manuals, keep reading those RFCs and keep watching those conferences / tutorials / videos. Turn off the TV and get creative. Make your agenda one of amazing awesomeness. Keep inspired and inspiring others. Thank you to everyone who pushes me and supports me, hakology and the hacking community. We might be a bunch of outcast weirdos and our definition of normal may be abnormal to some, but if you enjoy what you do and it makes you happy just keep doing it.

I know this is ‘slightly’ belated but I haven’t had much time to post recently but be assured if I’m not uploading / posting stuff I’m always thinking about the next project, next line of code, next hack.

That is all.
Love Hakology x

Hakology – VLOG 05 – News, Rosseta, KKK, Azure outage, Active directory exploit + more and jolla!
Hakology – VLOG 05 – News, Rosseta, KKK, Azure outage, Active directory exploit + more and jolla!

WARNING! Check your routers DNS now!

My router got hacked earlier this evening TL-WR841N. The tell tale sign are your DNS settings on the router. If your DNS settings are not what they are supposed to be (google or opendns or your ISPs) then I suggest you unplug your router and either buy a new one or re-flash with openwrt or ddwrt (If your router isn’t effected do not upgrade your firmware (unless your 100% sure the update wont make your router vulnerable.) that’s how my router got pwn’d)

New members to the blog

Good evening Hakology,

Its with great pleasure I can now introduce you to Jokke, AdvancedNewbie, Hexon and Wh1p are good friends of mine. Over the few years hakology has been running, these guys have helped me out and made a few really cool suggestions for the show. I asked them if they’d be interested posting for the blog, as we’re always discussing stuff on mumble or IRC. Ideas about coding concepts software / hardware and all the usual stuff. They all agreed and will hopefully be making a few submissions as and when they can.

AdvancedNewbie : Electrical boffin, inventor and always coding cool stuff for the web / automation / tools.
Jokke : Works full time developing opensource software and is a networking grandmaster 😀
Hexon : Full time linux admin, networking jedi & D20 qualified.
Wh1p : Cryptography enthusiast, network protocol / communication specialist.

Thanks you guys and welcome aboard.


More surprises soon hehehe