Digispark – Digistump projects & code …

Digispark – Digistump – Digiscript
Downloads VBS file and installs to users startup. (Windows 7)
Currently includes a VBS file to randomise capslock / scrolllock and numlock.

Digispark – Digistump – Digishell
Downloads VBS file and installs a persistent netcat shell. (Windows 7)

Digispark – Digistump – Stumpyroll
Rickroll users with the digispark digistump. (Windows 7)

NB: All these scripts have been written for UK keyboards.
Some editing may be necessary for other layout styles.

Python snippets …

Openweathermap python json snippet.
Pulls data from openweathermaps api.

Arduino projects …
The Annoyilator – (Annoying arduino device.)