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How to download iPod iOS updates without an iTunes account.

If you need to update an old ipod but don’t have or want to subscribe to an itunes account we have a website for that. Follow the link below to download the firmware restore files you need. I have a very old g2 ipod touch and really wanted to update the browser more than anything but found i couldn’t as apple required me to sign up for an account to do this (which also requires a credit / debit card) … the link below solved all my problems.


1. Download the appropriate restore file from the site.

2. Backup your device.

3. Perform factory reset

4. Shift+click restore in itunes

5. Select image to flash.

6. Wait till the restore completes and enjoy your update.

NB. This worked fine with my hardware … ipod touch 2g … be sensible … i take no responsibility for you bricking your gear please take care practice safe hacking always RTFM.