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Hakology : How to block youtube users/channels from your yt search results.

I wrote this tutorial because the greasemonkey script is slightly broken …

1. Install grease monkey for firefox. (Available via the plugins menu)
2. Restart firefox.
3. Install this script in to grease monkey by clicking the install button on the page.
4. Go to the grease monkey icon and choose edit userscripts.
5. Click on options
6. Click on Edit this user script.
7. Find this line :
var blocks = GM_getValue(‘savedblocks’, ‘PewDiePie,TobyGames,Smosh Games’);
8. Edit the line and add the channel you want to block like this.
var blocks = GM_getValue(‘savedblocks’, ‘PewDiePie,TobyGames,Smosh Games,channeliwanttoblock’);
9. Add more if required make sure you use a comma to separate the values and enclose values in the single quotes.
10. Save the script
11. Restart firefox
12. Enjoy 😀

After writing the tutorial I found a fix for not being able to see the block list on youtube …

1. Open the script for editing again
2. Find the line that looks like this …
var settingsDiv = ‘<div style=”padding:10px;”
3. Edit the line so it looks like this …
var settingsDiv = ‘<div style=”margin-top:100px;margin-left:250px;padding:20px;”
4. Leave the rest of the code on that line exactly the way it is.
5. Click save
6. Restart firefox

Now all the functionality of the original script should be working in your browser.