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Hakology Day 51 : Blog entry

Off to pickup my new tools! 😀

Just trying to decided the best plan of action now … if i should assemble in the garage in place or risk spending the day in the lounge putting it together to find it wont fit out through the front door hmmmmmm?

Still deciding.

75% built in the lounge … think its time to move it all down stairs and into the garage. (*btw im building a sand blasting cabinet sorry for being slightly cryptic)

Time to get down to some coding.

Hakology Day 46 – Blog Entry

Today was spent tinkering with the FM transmitter. I swapped out my initial 150cm half wave wire antenna for a 165cm solid core half wave, fashioned a crude battery pack from two D cells some wire and duct tape. After modifying the battery pack I moved the transmitter to the loft and went and did a little range check. The modifications possibly boosted the signal by 20-30 meters. In total line of sight I think roughly 200 / 250 meters reach which isn’t too shabby. FM needs a lot more power to extend range and I think the circuits good to 12v and is currently running at around 3v will do a little more reading before I start experimenting with different power supplies and voltages, also want to check the data sheet for the transistors.