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Funny places to live

After a night of irc sillyness and google maps here is a list of funny places to live.

Via dei Cunt, 23013 Cosio Valtellina SO, Italy ‎
Twatt, Orkney Islands KW17, UK
Shittlehope, Stanhope, County Durham DL13, UK ‎
Muff, Co. Donegal, Ireland ‎
Dick Place, Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh EH9, UK ‎
Fucking, Austria ‎
Bastardo, Perugia Italy ‎
Bongheat, France ‎
Cock Ln, London, Greater London EC1A 9BW, UK
Vagina, near Feletto, Province of Turin, Italy
Worms, Germany
Pussy, 73260 La Léchère, France ‎
Craponne, France
Butt Road, Colchester, United Kingdom
Wonker Close, Cape Town 7100, South Africa

Nor would I be keen to write the first review for this restaurant …

Spunk, Flensburger Straße, Wuppertal, Germany - Google Maps 2013-07-22 21-49-36