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Hakology Day 9 : Blog Entry

So it begins, late night last night, got the SDR working under windows. Todays goals, get the SDR working under linux and gqrx, look at what I managed to capture in the log and start a video showing how to setup SDR#.

Really don’t want to stop logging messages lol, but I suppose its time to start making notes. Once I can get this running on the RPi ill leave it logging 24/7 for a while so I can analyse the data. Still lots of data being sent that shouldn’t be, names, phone numbers, address information, IP addresses, email addresses, URLs … and I’m sure if I log for long enough the obligatory username and password.

So I can’t show or share any of the data I’m collecting. Hibby just pointed me to (Legal stuff) … even though I can’t share the data I can show you how to demodulate the signals yourself.

Written up notes for SDR# installation.

Executing operation tidy up for recording later also doing a few other chores.

Still tidying 🙁 b/c I’m a messy bugger.

Random picture for today …
Since I’m working on radio stuff here’s my baofeng handset its the uv-5r, a great starting handset for people looking to get in to HAM radio and start learning. I bought one relatively cheap on ebay around £20, before I got my licence so I could scan and listen a little. I’ve some other scanners and sets but ill save those for another day.

meh RL … need to script my house work or hack together some sort of roomba capable of washing up and making tea/coffee on demand.

Chilling out time for a coffee and some food. BBL

A few pages of notes written and a rough idea for an introduction to SDR. Time for a brew and to record / talk through the audio. Will report back in a while.

Useful links:

Captured a little extra audio for the hakology introduction too.

Sleep required.

Woke up after a few hours sleep been doing a little radio research, too early to start the next blog entry, too late to be editing this one hmmm.
No vblog for day nine either will have to make up for it later.

Hakology Day 2 : Blog Entry

Time for caffeine.
Plans for today … Try to complete operation tidy up and start operation garage floor space verification lol, make notes for a video later, decided on content for up coming videos and get busy.

Just catching up on news and events, messaged a few people last week who I know are still using yahoo and got them to change their passwords. This week it looks like its dropbox users that need to update their passwords. Seems like more reputable sites are being hit with big hacks. DDOS attacks are getting bigger due to IOT vulns. might have a look at that if I get chance to waffle off a VLOG and its wikileaks 10th birthday apparently they are going to post some documents to celebrate, will keep my eyes on that too.

Doing well so far things are looking tidy. Just posted a quick question on reddit regarding steam controllers and tonights video. Enjoying a well earned coffee break.

Coffee time again, last one for a while I think, research is going well, encountered an issue configuring the steam controller on the raspberry pi, going to just try and work with the keyboard see how it goes. Much progress, I can see I’m going to have to start editing early today otherwise its going to be another late night … not that I object to it that much, but if I do it too often people start calling me anti-social lol.

Jumped on mumble with an old friend lost an hour chatting and catching up,  now finalised the details for the hakology private mumble message me for access. (@hakology)
Talking HAM, networking and IOT. Just about to start collating media for tonight.

Success! Everything is running like clockwork, sometimes when I do videos I end up setting ridiculous time limits and today was a smooth operation. I’ve had times where I’ve planned to do something and about 90% of the way through realised it’s going to take way longer than I initially though or I was missing a critical piece of kit … well not today 🙂 Taking a little breather need to sort the garage before my friend arrives. BBL *having a brew and a quick reddit 1st though :P* PS. Don’t forget to add the hakology twitter account … http://twitter.com/hakology

Back from a couple of hours climbing at the local climbing gym, had a cup of tea with an old buddy. Didn’t do anything too challenging because its the first time I’ve been for a few weeks after almost slicing my finger off but that’s another story. Back to work, kettle on, time to get editing, recording audio and sequencing stuff.

[00.45] [05/10/2016]
Audio recorded, media collated, just catching up with a friend back off holiday then on with the late night editing session. LEEROY JENKINS!!!

Coffee break editing is going well. Still nowhere near finished. Will report back later.

Video done, I could have spent way more time working on polishing it up but the data is there, might do a follow up video on configuring it to work with the steam controller. Very tired starting research on SDR and some other TOP SECRET VIDEO IDEA STUFF 😛


I’m none the wiser to what I’m doing tomorrow but I’m sure ill work it out, sleep time.