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Hakology Blog (D90) – Things and stuff …

Well first of all happy new year to all! … Today marks the start of a new journey for me, I quit my last job in September last year, I needed a change something new, over the last three months I’ve been gathering all the tools to upcycle old objects, make old new again etc. I’ll hopefully get chance to start incorporating bigger projects in the vblog and you lot will see my mini workshop! Still have a lot of work to do, I’ll write another blog when I have some free time. Once again happy new year and have fun hacking!

Hakology Day 52 : Blog entry

Finally finished putting it all together …

I have my lounge back in order now, have moved the unit to my landing, still not tested but everything is ready to go just waiting for a couple of friends to come and help me move it downstairs. Oh and its Friday so im going to take a few hours off from the hacking spree.

Hakology Day 51 : Blog entry

Off to pickup my new tools! 😀

Just trying to decided the best plan of action now … if i should assemble in the garage in place or risk spending the day in the lounge putting it together to find it wont fit out through the front door hmmmmmm?

Still deciding.

75% built in the lounge … think its time to move it all down stairs and into the garage. (*btw im building a sand blasting cabinet sorry for being slightly cryptic)

Time to get down to some coding.

Hakology Day 7 : Blog Entry

Good morning hakologists, the early bird gets the worm. Drinking coffee and slowly waking up might write show notes up from last night if I get time.

Well an interesting morning went carbooting, didn’t grab anything techy, just a few air tools, a tool box, a couple of books and its official hakology has a whiteboard!!!!OMG!

Time for a rest spent most of the afternoon catching up with an old friend. Lack of sleep is not good though.

Caffeine time.

Rendering VBLOG, watching deep digger dan.