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Hakology Day 78: Blog Entry

Hey you guys!! So a quick catch up, new tools installed in the garage ready for the new year, awaiting some blasting medium for my cabinet and I can finally get started. The reddit arduino / pi project is finished including checksums and far less glitchy code. I made some really stupid mistakes the first time round but it’s all a learning process. I’d kinda hoped I could just grab the checksum code, copy, paste and be done but I must have spent maybe 20-30 hours debugging, refining and analysing.

Next on the agenda is the clock I’ve been working on having issues loosing time have done a fair amount of reading on the module im using and think i’ve tracked down what the issue is, we shall see though, when I get some time to sit down and start coding.

Love my workshop at the moment too still needs some more work but it’s nice walking in to a tidy place to work with plenty of space. That said there’s still a hand glider hanging up in there which I’m thinking I probably need to get rid of b/c of space … yet its never been out of the bag since I bought it.

Anyway I’m waffling, have a great Christmas and new year etc. I shall see you on the other side. Hack all the things, drink all the tea, eat all the mince pies, read all the manuals, scan all the frequencies, log all the voltages and be safe!!

Hakology Day 18 : Blog Entry

Feeling a lot better today but still a little under the weather. Have to do a few jobs this morning but should be online and creating later.

Picked up a PC for an upgrade 256gb SSD and PCIE wireless card. Just sorting that out and having a brew.

Waiting for images to burn, files to copy etc. Had a good play with kodi whilst I’ve been ill an I’m pretty impressed, makes it easier in some ways to watching content on your PC.

This program http://download.wsusoffline.net/ has been a real time saver, when people ask me to install windows 7 for them usually the update service is borked and needs fixing, quite frankly the MS tools are diabolical this seems to be the best / quickest way to patch and repair the windows update service.

Setting up wordpress for a new web client. Almost done with all my jobs for the day then hopefully get down to some recording even if its only a vblog.

Knackered and my head is aching, going to call it one for today. Finished all the updates on that build and also dropped debian jessie into a separate partition for them to try as they’d asked about linux. Need to be up early tomorrow and get that website online. Honestly not worth me recording a vlog b/c I’m still pretty flued up.

apt-get update && apt-get upgrade

So I suppose it’s about time I wrote a little update. Since going full time self employed I’ve had very little free time on my hands, which is annoying because I though I’d have more. I’ve been working hard on a personal project that has consumed massive amounts of time not to mention getting my allotment started for the year. That said I’m still lurking and if you need to contact me you can always drop me an email or message me on IRC. As soon as I have a few free evenings I have lots of videos I’d like to get sorted and uploaded. If you have any projects or anything you’d like me to check out get in touch and keep on hacking, don’t let the boundaries drawn by others hold you back.

Hakology – VLOG04 – News, speed up your pc, thorium, waffle, etc


How to download iPod iOS updates without an iTunes account.

If you need to update an old ipod but don’t have or want to subscribe to an itunes account we have a website for that. Follow the link below to download the firmware restore files you need. I have a very old g2 ipod touch and really wanted to update the browser more than anything but found i couldn’t as apple required me to sign up for an account to do this (which also requires a credit / debit card) … the link below solved all my problems.


1. Download the appropriate restore file from the site.

2. Backup your device.

3. Perform factory reset

4. Shift+click restore in itunes

5. Select image to flash.

6. Wait till the restore completes and enjoy your update.

NB. This worked fine with my hardware … ipod touch 2g … be sensible … i take no responsibility for you bricking your gear please take care practice safe hacking always RTFM.